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Marketing Consultant For Good

As Good As aims to empower those who serve. Our goal is to help every 'good' business be the best that they can be.

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Who is As Good As?

With the limited resources and time that small organisations typically have, founders and their team commonly wear many hats - marketing, fundraising, finance, reporting all fall to one volunteer or employee. At As Good As, we empower those who serve. Our aim is to help every social enterprise and non-profit be As Good As they can be. 

We help by providing our clients with the necessary marketing tools to succeed and to reach their target market, whether that's a beneficiary, donor, or the society as a whole. Based on in-depth research and comprehensive analysis, we have served organisations to create an efficient and strategic way forward.

What We Do for NGOs

Marketing and Fundraising for Impact


If you just don't have the time or resources to create the guidance needed for your 5 and 10-year marketing plan, we are here for you. After conducting in-depth research in your industry and organisation, we will create a comprehensive plan for you and your team to follow.


Whether you would like to get a refresher or learn a new skill to help you run your social enterprise or NGO, we will help you. With customised courses in all fields within digital marketing, offline marketing and fundraising you and your team can come to us to upskill your organisation.


If you feel that a simple course won't cut it, we are there to help you in a more long-term and personalised way. We will guide your team of employees and volunteers to be its best self.


As Good As facilitates customised workshops with volunteers, employees, founders and even beneficiaries to aid NGOs and social enterprises to define aspects of marketing strategy as a collaborative effort.

Mission / Vision Definition, Branding Guides, Guiding Principles, Communicative Language, Organisation Story Creation and many work workshops are available to suit each organisation's needs.


At As Good As, we realise that no organisation can work in isolation. We would be your platform to connect with other business leaders, organisation patrons, and mentors to help you through it all.

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Client Testimonials

Charitable Choice

The project that As Good As worked on, putting together a LinkedIn strategy, absolutely blew us away. The knowledge of the platform was amazing and no doubt saved us countless hours; I found the advice invaluable.

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Get in touch with As Good As to learn more about our work in marketing and fundraising

+852 6071 2166

601, Chavelier House,

45-51 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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