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Basics of LinkedIn Marketing for Non-Profits

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

In today’s day, digital marketing, specifically social media marketing is a no-brainer. Every company is advertising online, whatever the product or service. While everyone is flocking to Facebook and Instagram, one often overlooked platform for marketing, specifically for non-profits, is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s advantage lies in its community. Because of the platform’s professional nature that has been embraced by all its users, there is an implicit understanding that the content shared by users on LinkedIn is rich and informative. With 500 mn users on LinkedIn, and it being the most used platform amongst the Fortune 500 companies, it is a useful platform. Even though this is significantly less that the users of Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn has proven to generate 3x more conversions than the other platforms because of the targeted audience.

LinkedIn is used solely for B2B marketing. Non-profits traditionally concentrate on marketing on other social media platforms to get their message across to volunteers, beneficiaries and the society at large. While this strategy is sound, LinkedIn, being a more professional platform, is ideal to target corporates, foundations, HNI donors and other targets for fundraising. Just as you would tweak your conversation while using traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing also requires you to tweak the platform used, and messaging strategy depending on the target group of stakeholders.

Basics of LinkedIn Marketing:

Non-profits typically have limited time, financial and money resources, so while it is important to create an online presence given your target audience, it is also important to be able to ration your resources to make the best use of them. It is a good idea to study each platform, and the available channels for marketing for time commitment, messaging strategies and personalization options within the platform to best make the decision on how to best reach the target market.

The various available LinkedIn channels for marketing are:

1. Company Page

What: This is the landing page for each company. It is the first point of contact between prospective connections and the company

Target: This is the face of the company on LinkedIn, the target is all LinkedIn members

Personalisation: This presents a generalized message to the community

Time Commitment: Low, needs to be updated every time there is a significant change

Messaging: This presents general company information

2. InMail

What: This is a paid service that allows a company to directly contact a person of interest. InMail’s have a 30% more open rate than emails

Target: An individual who is a potential partner/ an agent of a potential partner

Personalisation: Very personalized messaging possible. Group messaging is also possible.

Time Commitment: High, need to research potential targets, personalize each message and send out individually

Messaging: Flexibility to form messages according to the need of the time and target

3. Groups

What: Groups are micro-communities within LinkedIn that enable a company to brand itself as a thought leader in the selected community

Target: Members of the groups that you are a member of

Personalisation: Can personalize message based on the ‘personality’ of a particular group

Time Commitment: Medium-High, need to regularly post on groups, and even start own group, to be recognized as a thought leader

Messaging: Information sharing platform to be seen as thought leader, not the correct place for marketing messages

4. Content Updates

What: These are written and visual updates on the business page to generate engagement with the company

Target: This is targeting the existing and potential followers of your company page on LinkedIn

Personalisation: This presents a generalized message to the community

Time Commitment: High, need to develop a template and schedule for messaging

Messaging: Company information and general industry information

5. Paid Advertisements

What: Similar to FB ads, these are different formats of paid advertisements to ensure that a company’s messaging is being viewed by the targeted audience

Target: Can hyper-target to groups by filters

Personalisation: Can be moderately personalized to each search group

Time Commitment: Medium, need to form advertising message and create groups to target

Messaging: Should include calls to actions, such as leads to website

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