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About Us

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Priyanka Maheshwari

Priyanka Maheshwari is the founder of As Good As, an organisation that works together with non-profits to create worthwhile impact. She started a new chapter in her life with her move to Hong Kong. With a start-up under her belt and close to 10 years of marketing and business development experience across industries including technology, education and social enterprise, she was eager to use her experience to bring about positive change in her new home. She now works with social enterprises and NGOs to create a sustainable and long-term impact by providing the tools to find internal opportunities for growth, create continuous capacity building and establish marketing strategies, all to help them be As Good As they can possibly be.


Priyanka truly believes that NGOs and social enterprises require basic business building blocks to grow. With a master’s degree in management, organisations & governance from the London School of Economics, she is excited to dedicate her time to help create this change.

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